Natural food

Honey is a natural, unique food made of simple sugars, fructose and glucose, proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that are all important for human feeding. It is of primary importance that such elements are well preserved.


The best from bees

Honey is gathered in the form of nectar secreted by various flowers, or from a sweet liquid called “honeydew,” produced by plant-lymph, it is transformed by the bees, and stored in the comb. Acording to the season and kind of flowers, different types of honey are produced. When honey comes mainly from a single type of flower, it is called single-flower honey with specific properties according to flower.


Honey qualities

Soriento honey classifies and selects the different types of honey in its lab.
Such an accurate selection allows Soriento honey to offer the best production either national or international.




Organoleptic tests

All honey is selected and classified: all is analyzed and tasted before selling.








The daily uptake of honey (20-30 g) is a pleasant habit and good for health. In fact honey is a unique food for origin and complexity.
It has less calories if compared to sugar (saccharose).
All sugar in honey are monosaccharide glucose and fructose which are easily taken and digested.
Honey is very good for breakfast and as a snack, besides the use as a sweetener.
In history, honey was used as a medicine with a variety of therapeutical properties